Our second album “me deixa em paz! los mi auglahnt” was presented on 17.11.2016 at VINDOBONA (Wallensteinplatz, 1200 Vienna). For purchase please send an E-Mail to
Price: € 15 + postage


...fully in line with the model of the famous Brazilian bohemian quarter and melting pot Vila Madalena, the music of this ensemble is a mixture of powerful melodies played by a virtuoso and exuberantly on the one hand, but on the other hand also reminds you of the very tender, fragile and charming sound almost resembling chamber music fuelled by the rhythmic and harmonious diversity of the boundless musical treasure of countries most distant from each other.
No matter whether you are listening to the unmistakeable rhythms of the Balkan crossed with the warm-hearted sound of South America or a combination of Flamenco and Yiddish music seasoned with a dash of Jazz...

Live TV Performance, Serbian TV RTS, Show Zikina Sarenica, 14.09.2013